It’s hot cross bun time, or so it seems from the annual rehash of the best HCB places in the Bay.

Around this time each year, rworange leads us into temptation with her exhaustive lists of the must-have buns; she regards pineapple topping as, at the very least, a venial sin. Quality-wise, she ranks John Campbell’s Irish Bakery, Caffè BaoNecci / Danilo Bakery, and Sweet Adeline at the top of the heap.

La Farine’s “airy, delicious” buns are now available, says savvyitaliana, who also recommends Masse’s Pastries’ version.

John Campbell’s Irish Bakery [Outer Richmond]
5625 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco

Caffè BaoNecci / Danilo Bakery [North Beach]
516 Green Street, San Francisco

Sweet Adeline [East Bay]
3350 Adeline Street, Berkeley

La Farine [East Bay]
1820 Solano Avenue, Berkeley

Masse’s Pastries [East Bay]
1469 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

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