You can’t beat fresh hand-picked crabmeat, when you can find it pristinely fresh. But when you can’t, there are other options.

If you plan to cook with the crabmeat, Pitu recommends a canned product called SEAsia. It’s kept on ice in seafood section of many grocery stores.

Many folks really like the Phillips brand lump variety crabmeat, carried by Costco and Sam’s Club in one-pound cans. It’s in the refrigerated section. Kim Shook has had nothing but good luck with this brand. He’s cooked with it, and used it for crab cocktails, and says it’s very dependable and good. It’s Southeast Asian crab, not blue crab.

Chicken of the Sea crabmeat, on the other hand, comes in “shelf-stable” foil packages, so it’s easy to keep around, says SavorySam.

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