Are you supposed to eat the white rind on the outside of Brie cheese? It’s not required, says goodhealthgourmet. “Sure, some people may think you’re missing the best part, but it’s a matter of personal preference.” The French think it’s gauche to cut off the rind, says jayt90, but pikawicca has seen French people do it.

Whether you want to eat the rind may have to do with how good your cheese is. “Better quality, younger soft-ripened cheeses tend to have a softer, more pliable rind,” says caviar_and_chitlins. “I make my rind-eating decisions on the condition of the rind—if it’s tough and leathery, no. If it’s bloomy and cottony and delicate, then yes.” Cheese expert Laura Werlin says, for the most part, hard cheese rinds are not eaten, while soft cheese rinds are. But personal preference should always win out.

If you’re new to eating the rind of Brie, try it baked, served with apple slices and a baguette, suggests bulavinaka, who didn’t eat the rind “until I was served this at a French-style cafe back in the ’80s. After that, I was sold on eating soft cheeses like Brie whole.”

For more about cheese rinds, check out these CHOW videos.

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