It’s not the first time we’ve heard this complaint about a restaurant-saturated neighborhood: Where is the good Chinese food in Carroll Gardens?

the_state is no fan of local Chinese options, from Lichee Nut over in Brooklyn Heights to the amusingly named Me & My Egg Roll. The hound has lived in the area for five years, and says he “still can’t find a decent option.”

cazique is the first to comment, offering Saki (formerly Szechuan Garden) as an option for dan dan noodles, spicy wontons, and more, but it’s not as ringing an endorsement as AubWah delivers several lines later: “Let me let you guys in on a little secret. Thank me later. Wing Hua.” Calling them “masters of clean tasting American Chinese food,” she is extremely partial to their beef lo mein. Although the_state was excited by the range of replies, and declared he would try Wing Hua last night, he has yet to report back.

Got a favorite Chinese Carroll Gardens hot spot? Join the chat.

Saki [Boerum Hill]
176 Smith Street, Brooklyn

Wing Hua [Carroll Gardens]
508 Court Street, Brooklyn

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