leftover corned beef hash and other ways to use corned beef
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One of the best things about the corned beef you’ve cooked for St. Patrick’s Day is turning the leftover meat and boiled potatoes into homemade corned beef hash. But there are plenty of other delicious ways to us leftover corned beef, as these recipes prove.

Hashing It Out

According to Chowhounds, good hash is as much about technique as ingredients.

Potato PowerColcannon Is Ireland's Awesome Answer to Hash“Most important is to get ready to do some fine knife work, because everything should be diced finely and in the same size,” says Chowhound mamachef. Most hounds include onion along with the corned beef and potatoes. Use a bit of stock or cream to bind the ingredients, season with pepper, and spread the mixture out in a skillet, cooking it in butter, oil, or bacon fat. Cook until it develops a nice crust on the bottom; todao presses the mixture with a spatula as it cooks to aid the process. Turn it to brown the other side, or finish under the broiler.

“You can also save the stock the beef and veg were cooked in and chill and defat it; then use that as the broth binder and the fat to fry it in,” says mamachef. “It does add some dimension.” For a variation, “If you add chunked cooked beets, you get the New England version, red flannel hash,” says carbonaraboy. “I like my corned beef hash with minced onions and garlic, fried diced potatoes and juicy chunks of tomatoes,” says JungMann. “I take it easy on the salt, maybe adding a splash of soy sauce or Maggi for added umami instead.”

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Use these tips and our Hash recipe to help you make your own perfect mixture, or try another trick:

More Ways to Use Leftover Corned Beef

Corned Beef Potato Rösti

Corned Beef Potato Rösti recipe with leftover corned beef


No leftover cooked potatoes? Grab some raw ones and try this take on the deliciously crispy Swiss potato pancake instead. Get our Corned Beef Potato Rösti recipe.

Red Flannel Hash

Red Flannel Hash recipe


The aforementioned New England variation on hash gets its colorful name from the addition of beets. While our version is vegetarian, throw in your leftover corned beef for a meaty (and economical) breakfast—or dinner. Get our Red Flannel Hash recipe.


Reuben sandwich


As in so many cases, corned beef and pastrami taste great in a lot of the same preparations, and this iconic sandwich is chief among them. Good rye bread and high-quality sauerkraut are key. Get our Reuben Sandwich recipe.

Corned Beef Sandwich with Homemade Mustard

corned beef sandwich with mustard sauce


If you’re not into cheese or sauerkraut and prefer a more piquant condiment than Thousand Island, there’s nothing wrong with simply piling meat on bread and slathering both slices with mustard—but skip the store-bought stuff. An easy homemade mustard takes just a few minutes to mix together, and tastes even better. Get our Easy Homemade Mustard recipes for leftover corned beef.

Savory Corned Beef and Cheese Pie

Savory Pastrami and Cheese Pie recipe


Once again, while this recipe actually calls for pastrami, it tastes just as fantastic with corned beef, and is a standout among savory pies thanks to its unique filling and rye flour crust. Get our Savory Corned Beef and Cheese Pie recipe.

Reuben Potato Skins

Reuben Potato Skins recipe


Think of this as a Reuben with a side of fries, just mashed up into one convenient potato skin package. Get our Reuben Potato Skins recipe.

Latke Reubens

Gail Simmons latke reuben recipe

Johnny Miller

As this ingenious snack from Gail Simmons shows, you can do the same thing with latkes if you like things extra crunchy. Get the Latke Reubens recipe.

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