Eating tentacles is fun, and it’s about time to have tentacle-chewing opportunities beyond a basket of calamari. Grilled baby octopus was spotted a few weekends ago at the hip backyard-barbecue-style wine tasting at Broc Cellars in Berkeley, California, paired with a glass of Grenache; at Belcourt in NYC served with cardamom-pickled carrots and jalapeño-cilantro sauce; and done up fancy by Chef Phillip Foss at Lockwood Restaurant & Bar in Chicago, with chorizo, peppers, and a croquette made from tartar sauce that’d been stabilized with a little gelatin so it could stand up to a quick fry (pictured). You can read more about this latter preparation on Foss’s blog. Baby octopus was also spotted served on an oyster mushroom salad with hops vinaigrette and paired with a glass of Coney Island Albino Python at a beer pairing dinner at SF’s Mission Beach Cafe.

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