“What is it about store sandwich counters in SoCal?” asks Das Ubergeek about the killer sandwiches for sale at counters hidden away in local liquor stores or meat markets. The latest entry in the in-store sandwich counter hit parade is El Gaucho Market #2, which serves excellent Argentine and Uruguayan sandwiches.

The apotheosis of the Argentine sandwich is the “sandwich de entraña,” a glorious skirt-steak sandwich, says Das Ubergeek. “While it’s not a neat sandwich to eat, it IS the best sandwich on the menu and the smell will drive you insane. The mayo is important—the juice from the beef melds with it and turns into this gravy that spreads all throughout the bread, so that when (and this will happen) you accidentally bite off a huge piece of entraña, leaving part of the bread ‘unmeated,’ you will still want to finish the bread.”

Other Das Ubergeek-heralded sandwich selections:

• Choripan: Delicious chorizo sausage on a crusty roll, dolloped with Gaucho’s delicious chimichurri. It’s located in bowls at the register. If you’re taking it to go, ask for a takeout container.
• Matambe: A magical culinary invention of beef rolled around eggs and vegetables, then sliced on a crusty roll.
• Milanesa sandwich: “A very good rendition of breaded and fried beef, like a meatier schnitzel, on (wait for it) a crusty roll.”

Service varies. “One of the guys is very gruff and it can be off-putting, but you’re not there for services, you’re there for a damn good sandwich and bragging rights to your coworkers,” says Das Ubergeek. “Décor is nil.” The place closes at 7 p.m. This is a sandwich counter, folks: Counter your blessings.

El Gaucho Meat Market #2 [Orange County]
847 South State College Boulevard, Anaheim

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