What’s inside your refrigerator says so much about you: your love of chili sauce, your secret jones for midnight ice cream, your need for acidophilus milk. Artist Mark Menjivar was so interested in this subject that he made a three-year tour of the United States to photograph refrigerator interiors. The photo series that resulted, “You Are What You Eat,” appears in GOOD Magazine, and lets the fridge contents tell the stories of a middle school science teacher, a blind person, the owner of a defunct amusement park, and others. It’s a simple idea executed beautifully.

Just as entertaining as the pictures themselves are the short captions describing the fridge owners: “Red Cross Board Member/San Antonio, TX/1-Person Household/Sleeps with a loaded .45 pistol on nightstand,” reads one; “Bar Tender/San Antonio, TX/1-Person Household/Goes to sleep at 8AM and wakes up at 4PM daily,” it says below a shot of heaped takeout containers. Oh, and hey: Is that a snake in the freezer of the Marathon, Texas short-order cook?

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