By now, everyone knows what happens when you mix Mentos and Diet Coke, but thanks to Wired’s June issue, we now know how to delay that reaction in order to prank unsuspecting guests. The secret? Just before the water turns to ice in your ice cube tray (good luck figuring out when that happens), plop Mentos into each cube, then allow them to freeze solid, sealing the mint inside.

Later, mix Diet Coke with rum, drop in the adulterated ice cubes (hoping no one notices the weird white hunks), wait five minutes, and, when the candy’s gum arabic meets the cola, watch your friends’ drinks fizz up and your carpet get horribly stained. I dunno, maybe you’d rather stick with fake bug ice cubes.

By the way, if you’ve been wondering what happens when Mentos and Diet Coke are combined in zero gravity, wonder no longer.

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