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CHOW Tour Portland: A Chocolate Wonderland

Artisanal food producers are thriving in Portland, from microdistilleries to jam makers. Here we focus on the city’s chocolate-making scene, starting with David Briggs’s Xocolatl de David, which specializes in savory chocolates like blue cheese, pig’s blood, and salt and pepper truffles. Then we go inside Faith Dionne’s kitchen, where she explains that, yes, it’s legal to run a food business out of your own kitchen in Portland, and shows how she makes honey nougat, caramel, and hazelnut candy bars for her company Bees & Beans. And for even more great Portland chocolates, check out our previous post on Alma.

You can buy Faith’s and David’s chocolates at the Cheese Bar. Portland’s excellent chocolate shop Cacao also carries Xocalatl de David.

Cheese Bar
6031 SE Belmont Street, Portland

414 SW 13th Avenue, Portland