There’s a food-focused aspect to all the hysteria brewing about the NFL player lockout: Chicken wings, which have already been dropping in price after hitting unprecedented highs, could take a further beating.

Reuters notes: “‘It would kill wings, it would be terrible on wings,’ Joe Sanderson of Sanderson Farms Inc said at the Reuters Global Food and Agriculture Summit on Monday. … If the NFL does not play later this year, ‘it would be very bad for chicken wings and I do not know to what extent it would be bad for other products they sell in those watering holes or sports bars. It would not be good, I’d tell you that,’ he said.”

Wings aren’t the only food tied strongly to a single event or series of events—an estimated 15 percent of turkeys are consumed at Thanksgiving, there’s not much demand for Peeps at any time other than Easter, and good luck getting a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake any time other than St. Patrick’s. That said, it’s apparently a lot tougher to cancel Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, or Thanksgiving than it is to cancel football season.

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