A perfectly balanced Bloody Mary is made with about three parts Absolut Vodka to about two parts dry sherry, says paddydubai. “I think the sherry makes all the difference, adding a savoury dryness.” Lots of celery salt, limes and lemons squeezed in, and just a tiny bit of Tabasco complete the mix.

paddydubai likes to use Clamato instead of tomato juice (which, says Sooeygun, technically makes the drink a Bloody Caesar rather than a Bloody Mary). The resulting concoction is “just gorgeous! Punchy, tasty, packed with multi-layered flavour,” says paddydubai. But the flavor gets better and better if it’s allowed to marinate. Left alone in the fridge for a couple of days, the flavor “improved 1000%,” claims paddydubai.

Board Link: Marinating your Bloody Marys.

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