An Italian gent is coming to town with a girlfriend in tow, and staying downtown. It’s her first trip to the city, and he aims to impress. Where should they eat? He wants “good bbq” and “a good Japanese and a Chinese for dim sum/dumplings.”

Chowhounds are, of course, having a field day with this one, with recommendations ranging from Blue Smoke to Yakitori Totto. We give special props to Pookipichu and nattie23nyc for their extensive suggestions. Our favorite comment, however, comes from AubWah, who says exuberantly, “Guys they are coming from Italy can you imagine what the Chinese food is like there? CHINATOWN!!!!!!! SHANGHAI CAFE AND CANTOON ALL DAY!!! WITH A LITTLE NOODLETOWN THROWN IN FOR GOOD MEASURE!”

The thread made us wonder what it would be like to come to New York for the first time and try to decide where—with so many countries represented in one city—to start.

Blue Smoke [Gramercy]
116 E. 27th Street, Manhattan

Yakitori Totto [Midtown West]
251 W. 55th Street, Manhattan

Discuss: We are coming from Italy need some good suggestion

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