Cafe Katja, known for wursts and meatballs, has something for the non-red-meat crowd, too. tljchw recommends the salads, including a delicious one with red cabbage, apple, lingonberry, and walnuts; others include endive and roasted beet. small h likes the marinated herring, served with potato-cucumber salad. And Bob Martinez says the soft pretzels with hot mustard are “not to be missed.”

For carnivores, smart orders include the cheese and cured meat plates and beef goulash with spätzle. Beyond what’s on the plate, hounds love the inviting vibe at this Austrian spot. “The entire place (from start to finish) has a warm, welcoming, wholesome feel about it,” tljchw writes.

Cafe Katja [Lower East Side]
79 Orchard Street (between Grand and Broome streets), Manhattan

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