The Kitchen Table is a new kosher restaurant in Mountain View. maigre says it has a “certain elegance, not exactly casual, but not stiffly formal, either … It seems like they’re interested in serving creative versions of standard dishes, Jewish and otherwise, using fresh ingredients in a California vein.”

maigre tried the “curry brined” eggplant appetizer, matzo ball soup, and pastrami sandwich. The eggplant had “hints of curry flavoring and a fermented style briny flavor. It had the texture and taste of herring to no small degree. I’m going to assume that this was an intentional play on tradition by the chef. Thumbs up. It worked.”

The $5 bowl of matzo soup wasn’t a very large portion, but “the broth was rich and dark, slightly peppery, delicious. I’m pretty sure that some of the color was from turmeric and there were other curry flavors, as well. The matzo balls were light and consistent.”

maigre’s waiter said the pastrami was cured in-house; it was sliced paper-thin and on the salty side. The slaw was “fresh and simple, more milky than oily, though I assume that there wasn’t actually milk in it,” but it wasn’t as lively as the other items. “We didn’t eat dessert, but what we saw looked pretty lavish … So it was hit and miss, not bad and not surprising for the first day.”

The Kitchen Table [Peninsula]
142 Castro Street, Mountain View

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The Kitchen Table Restaurant Artisanal kosher Cuisine, Mtn View - NEW (lamb blt, rare roast beef sandwich, chicken & matza ball soup, house cured pastrami, etc)

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