Framinghound has intel on a worthy new taqueria, Tacos Mexico, reporting that “these were some of the best, if not the best, tacos we have had in the States. Certainly I haven’t had better in Massachusetts. Very authentic seasoned meats, with onion and lots of fresh cilantro, in two corn tortillas. (I know the number of tortillas is a deciding factor for some posters on the board). Each taco is $1.50. Also great homemade salsas (both red and green).”

The place has only been open a few months and has a vibe and décor similar to Taqueria El Amigo in Waltham: a couple of tables in an old converted house with a simple menu. Along with tacos, the menu here includes tortas, burritos, Mexican breakfasts, and yummy sweet breads that seem to be made off the premises.

Area Man got really jiggy with it and ordered a flight of tacos: asada, pastor, cabeza, lengua, and discada, mixed grilled meats with peppers, garlic, and lime. “All were delicious,” says Area Man, whose 6- and 4-year-old kids liked them too. “Very flavorful meats with nice variety of textures (cabeza texture was a little fatty for me, but the flavor was worth it). The lengua was the best I’ve had in MA; at other places I find it to be too rubbery. The owner’s speciality taco is the discada, which has a lot going on in it. I could see some people thinking it a bit on the oily side, but those that can handle this will be rewarded.”

Tacos Mexico [MetroWest]
144 Waverly Street, Framingham

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