What’s the best Bloody Mary in town? One that’s made fresh, with a complex recipe and lots of fresh garnishes?

The Belmont has a fantastic Bloody Mary bar on the weekends, says Servorg. There are four different mixes and tons of garnishes, including celery, asparagus, shrimp, Tomolives, and Slim Jims. “C’mon! SLIM-JIMS!!!” says schrutefarms.

Anisette has an excellent Bloody Mary, says mollyomormon. There are six different versions, and they’re all great, says yogachik.

Morels at the Grove has a tableside cart with the works: fresh herbs, horseradish grated to your taste, etc. They make it exactly as you like it, says artichokey.

The Bloody Mary at Ramos House is the café’s signature cocktail, according to mikester, who says there are fresh garnishes galore and the drink is superspicy, served in a tall, tulip-shaped glass. Enjoy it with some smoked duck hash, recommends mikester.

The Firehouse’s Bloody Mary is, taste-wise, the best Cebca has ever tasted. “Spicy but not too spicy, delicious horseradish and peppery bite, good tomato flavor. Served in a tall glass, no rim, only olives as a garnish. But seriously, seriously delicious.”

Finally, the version at Hungry Cat is not to be missed, says kellydeez. “Not only do they make their own mix, but I believe they make their own tomato juice. Phenomenal!”

Belmont [West Hollywood]
747 N. La Cienega Boulevard, Los Angeles

Anisette Brasserie [Westside – Beaches]
225 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica

Morels French Steakhouse [Mid-City]
189 The Grove Drive #H10, Los Angeles

Ramos House Cafe [Orange County]
31752 Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano

The Firehouse [Westside – Beaches]
213 Rose Avenue, Venice

Hungry Cat [Hollywood]
1535 Vine Street, Los Angeles

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