At the corner of Fremont Boulevard and Mowry Avenue in Fremont, there’s a Valero Gas Station with a sandwich and deep-fried-stuff shop inside it, says hhc, who didn’t sample anything, but reports that the menu includes:

• Hot sandwiches like double-dipped pastrami and cheesesteaks for $5.99
• Sliders, three for $4
• Cold sandwiches like turkey for $4.99
• Garlic, gravy, or chili cheese fries
• Deep-fried Twinkies, Oreos, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and ham or turkey and cheese sandwiches

“I didn’t ask what kind of oil they use,” adds hhc. Castrol, perhaps?

The Deep Fried Twinkie & Pastrami Shop [East Bay]

4004 Mowry Avenue, Fremont

Board Link: The Deep Fried Twinkie & Pastrami Shop (inside a Valero gas station), Fremont

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