Even the best vegan dessert seems to be lacking something. Namely, butter and eggs. But those who wish to avoid animal-derived ingredients for health or ethical reasons deserve something more than another tofu silk pie.

Amy’s, known for its natural/organic frozen meals, has a new line of frozen vegan cakes, chocolate and orange, both of which I got to sample at a vegan friend’s dessert party. And they’re actually not bad! Moist, not too crumbly, and tender. The chocolate one wasn’t quite as intensely flavored as I like, but the orange one was dead-on with tangy, vibrant citrus, and the texture of both was meltingly rich.

As blogger Hannah Kaminsky of BitterSweet points out, the cakes are also beautifully packaged in cardboard pans decorated with gold flowers, making them look very different from your typical Sara Lee crap: “this looked like something taken straight from a bakery or given as a thoughtful gift. I wouldn’t be at all ashamed to put it straight on the table, just as is.”

Amusingly, Amy’s recommends that customers top the cakes with ice cream (not Rice Dream? OK then), making the point of a vegan cake somewhat moot. But I bet the cakes would be great with Vegan Fluffy Buttercream Frosting.

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