Portland, Maine’s beloved OTTO Pizza now has a Cambridge branch—does it hold up to the original?

MichaelB gave the tomato-basil a whirl and pronounced it “excellent” with a crust that was “chewy yet light, with good flavor.” bear went in with a crowd and tried three pies: salami, tomato, and scallion; four-cheese white pizza; and three-cheese tortellini. Crust was awesome, sauce was pleasantly sweet, and ingredients were “top notch.”

Chicken, caramelized onion, and cranberry pizza was “Kinda greasy (dripping onto my fingers while eating it), but for a $3 slice, it was excellent,” says Boston_Otter. Sugar04 tried the cranberry, butternut squash, and ricotta pie, which had nice dollops of spicy squash purée. The chicken on the spinach, chicken, and Asiago pie “seemed to have come from a real, roasted bird as opposed to some pre-formed ‘cutlet’ type pieces,” adds Sugar.

There’s no signage on the pizzas set out for display, not real handy since some of the topping combinations are a little “out there,” frowns Sugar04. But the staff is happy enough to go over the options with you. Take them up on it.

OTTO Pizza [Cambridge]
1432 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge

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