My Food Valentine is a website with a simple purpose: to allow people to pen and share semi-anonymous love letters to their favorite foods. The thesis project of NYU student Yaminie Patodia, My Food Valentine is, she tells Epi-Log, “an attempt to explore deeper, emotional connections people have with food, but in a fun way.”

Right now guacamole is out front as most-loved food, followed by bagels and then hummus. Which raises an obvious question: When the hell are the nation’s supporters of pizza going to get on the ball? And also: Is beer a food?

Some letters are almost poetic in nature, like this one to bacon:

“O’ Bacon …
How I yearn for your deliciousness,
Your flavorful crispiness a delight to my senses.
The way you mingle devilishly with tomato and lettuce, squeezing in between two slices of rye making my mouth water.
You are the only reason i get up in the morning, and i fall asleep dreaming of your smell, awaiting your touch on my tongue when i awake …
O’ Bacon …
How I DO love you.”

Others are striking for their pithiness:

“Dear Bagel,
You are circular. Much like time.

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