It was too weird to last, apparently: The breast-milk ice cream enjoyed briefly by Londoners at the shop Icecreamists has been confiscated by local authorities on health grounds.

According to the BBC: “Westminster Council officers removed the product to make sure it was ‘fit for human consumption.’ Icecreamist founder Matt O’Connor said the donor was medically screened and the milk mixture was pasteurised.”

This puts the Westminster Council in a long, fuddy-duddy tradition of buzzkilling and/or perfectly reasonable, health-defending food-haters, including:

* The Philadelphia Department of Licenses and Inspections, which confiscated a cupcake truck.
* The BSE-squeamish feds who banned haggis (a.k.a.chieftain o’ the pudding-race).
* And, of course, the legendary LAPD crackdown on the dreaded bacon-wrapped hot dogs.

Breaking news: Add iguana meat to the too-hot-for-our-taste-buds parade.

Image source: Flickr member Critical Moss under Creative Commons

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