Here’s the perfectly chow-ish tip of the month: Dommy tells us all about a concentration of regional Mexican underground-ish places on the weekends. “Along Adams Blvd starting on Central and ending on Fig, there are lots of taco trucks and underground places specializing in Toluca or Capulhuac style (Capulhuac is considered the gold standard in Mexican barbacoa). There is one in the backyard of the house that is EXCELLENT and another one out of a community center (Toluca style).”

Barbacoa is breakfast food, so get there early. By 2 p.m., says Dommy, everyone is down to the dregs. “And by ‘breakfast’ you mean ‘quitaresacas’—hangover cure,” adds Das Ubergeek. “Basically… ANY Mexican breakfast = Hangover cure…” replies Dommy.

This gathering of vendors actually comes from a Mexico City tradition, explains Dommy. On weekends, a bunch of vendors come from Capulhuac to Mexico City. It became such an event that the vendors started selling out early.

Discuss: any coordinated on backyard barbacoas in E. LA?

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