We love hearing about Chowhounds’ favorite foods in the city. This instructive thread is devoted to tofu pudding.

What is tofu pudding, precisely? According to soupçon it’s a Chinese dish made from fresh tofu with a gingery syrup served over it (for sweet) or chile oil (for savory).

kathryn recommends “the combo tofu window and florist” Soy Bean Chen in Flushing, while soupçon suggests the nearby outpost of Xi’an Famous Foods for a savory version. Click on over for a primer and to find out where to get your hands on some.

Soy Bean Chen [Flushing]
135-26 Roosevelt Avenue, Queens

Xi’an Famous Foods [Flushing]
41-28 Main Street, Queens
No phone available

Discuss: Is douhua / doufuhua 豆腐花 / tofu fa / tofu pudding served & sold in the outer boroughs?

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