Chowhound wysiwyg writes in seeking bar-height restaurant tables in order to aid a friend who can’t sit for long because of back pain. What a good pal!

Though some Americans hate to stand while they eat, that’s not the case with the Spanish. Many establishments in Spain are based on the premise that people love to stand holding little glasses of wine and petite snacks on tiny napkins, chatting with friends before wandering out the door for a paseo to shake down the food.

So it’s no surprise that here in New York many of our Spanish restaurants feature bar-height tables and tall stools, all the better to lean against and yammer. These places are dominating the recommendations in this thread, from El Quinto Pino and Tía Pol to Boqueria, among others.

Where else, Chowhounds? Got a favorite place to stand and snack? Help an eater out.

El Quinto Pino [Chelsea]
401 W. 24th Street, Manhattan

Tía Pol [Chelsea]
205 10th Avenue, Manhattan

Boqueria [SoHo]
171 Spring Street, Manhattan

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