“Even in England it can be hard to avoid f’n’c dumped from the big white plastic bag of frozen Sysco-equivalent into old oil,” says Chuckles the Clone. Some places that Chowhounds go for a respectable basket of fish and chips in the Bay Area include:

• Fish has “crunchy batter, really fresh fish, superior fries, and great homemade tartar sauce. It may seem a little pricey but tax is included … Bring cash, they don’t take cards,” says annabana. Bonus: there is free entertainment to be had, “watching folk try to pull up to the fuel dock,” says steve h.

• Pacific Catch’s version is “lightly battered and fried in 100% canola oil with sweet potato fries, sesame slaw and house-made sauces,” says Cynsa, who especially likes the “Tokyo salmon” fish and chips, and notes that the catch of the day is usually rock cod. The 9th Avenue location also has free parking, although “the last space is a bear to get out of when there is someone waiting to get into it,” warns wolfe.

• Cook’s Seafood Restaurant & Market serves it “British style” and is an inexpensive place with “formica tables and such,” says bbulkow.

• Weird Fish has mixed reviews: peterme says it might be the best in SF, even though it is untraditional (fried tilapia and sweet potato fries). “I’m just not a fan of tilapia in general and especially not as part of fish and chips. The pieces are always too thin and too mushy,” says Civil Bear.

• In the pub world, hounds note the fish and chips at Johnny Foley’s Irish House (lager battered, fresh cod), Pig and Whistle, and Irish Bank.

Fish [Marin County]
350 Harbor Drive, Sausalito

Pacific Catch [Inner Sunset]
1200 Ninth Avenue, San Francisco

Cook’s Seafood Restaurant & Market [South Bay]
751 El Camino Real, Menlo Park

Weird Fish [Mission]
2193 Mission Street, San Francisco

Johnny Foley’s Irish House [Union Square]
243 O’Farrell Street, San Francisco

Pig and Whistle [Laurel Heights]
2801 Geary Boulevard

Irish Bank Bar and Restaurant [Financial District]
10 Mark Lane, San Francisco

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