A new soul food joint has popped up near LAX. Chicken fried steak lovers, take note: The CFS here is supposed to be delicious, says BobMack, even if you have to take it down the street to the park to eat it. OK, there are a couple of tables, but it’s not really an eat-in kind of joint.

Fried catfish tastes much like it does in Mississippi, and collard greens are solid. Short ribs seem to be popular, because they’re often sold out. Fried chicken looks good, and there’s grilled chicken for the health-conscious. No word on the namesake flamin’ fish and shrimp, though.

Portions are hefty–entrees come with two side dishes. With a drink, at lunch, that’ll run you about $8.

Locke’s Flamin Fish & Shrimp [Beaches]
100 W. Imperial Ave., El Segundo

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Locke’s Flamin Fish & Shrimp- El Segundo

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