Ka Wah Bakery is a slice of an older Chinatown, wedged into the new one. It’s a Cantonese-style mom-and-pop, in business since the ’80s, now surrounded by more recent arrivals from Fujian. It’s also the spot to hit for some of the best custard tarts in town. “This place reminds me of the delicious egg tarts I’ve had in Hong Kong,” swears HLing. Lau describes a great flaky crust and luscious custard with just enough sweetness and egginess—probably the best he’s had in Manhattan.

Beyond the dan tat, HLing has a soft spot for Ka Wah’s walnut cookies and dumplinglike sticky-rice pastries filled with coconut and ground peanut. Everything goes well, Lau adds, with the excellent yuen yang cha, a tasty blend of coffee and tea.

Ka Wah Bakery [Chinatown]
9 Eldridge Street (between Division and Canal streets), Manhattan

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