Cambridge Brewing Company has gotten a lot of board-hate for “for not having the food to back up their fantastic beers,” says Spenbald, but a recent meal uncovered some gems.

“We ordered the poutine that’s currently on the appetizer menu, and while no Canadian would vouch for its authenticity (it included bacon and scallions, and the cheese curds were not more than melty smears that added no texture, but plenty of flavor), it was delicious,” says Spenbald. “I had the duck cassoulette that was made with Maine yellow-eye beans and duck 3 ways (breast cooked nicely rare, sausage, and confit something), with a rich sauce. The beans were beautifully cooked and all the pieces of duck were wonderfully crispy on the outside, yet tender on the inside.”

Spenbald’s kid had the pork loin schnitzel, which proved a bit dry but was “quite flavorful and the spaetzle and braised red cabbage that accompanied it were both fantastic. This isn’t fine dining, but the attention to more local ingredients, and the interesting variety of dishes makes CBC a cut above your average brewpub. I’m happy to see their food continue to improve.”

nfo had a bad meal the same exact day as Spenbald’s good one (what are the odds?), with a mezze plate that was just awful and substandard fish and chips. However, at a recent festival, Cambridge Brewing served pizzas that were “better than average, with interesting toppings. Of course, it just serves to annoy me that they can produce decent contemporary fare, and yet they serve crap like that mezze plate.”

The beers, meanwhile, are reliably fantastic, says nfo: “The IPAs are good (Mind Left Body is a new one, with very clean bitterness, that I could drink a pitcher of). The lambic on right now is packed with flavor and bracingly acidic (Rose de Cambrinus, get it now if you like this style of beer because it’s pretty limited).”

Cambridge Brewing Company [Cambridge]
1 Kendall Square, Building 100, Cambridge

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