Kitchenette is a catering company that just started serving takeaway lunch from an industrial building out in Dogpatch. “They just roll up the door on the loading dock and put benches in their parking space. There are no tables,” says larochelle. There are, however, maple bacon snickerdoodles.

The cookies, which are on the sweet side, have a subtle maple flavor and bacon bits on top. “I liked the softness of the cookie and expect to enjoy their less experimental cookies–they appear to have a skilled baker in their group,” says larochelle.

The menu changes frequently and might include stuff like a lemongrass bavette steak salad with “fresh, tasty, perfectly dressed [greens and] lots of crunchies—fresh peas, cilantro, fried garlic, cabbage, thin slices of marinated carrots and other yummy treats,” according to larochelle, and sandwiches like a portobello banh mi that lmarie says was tasty but oily. You can find out what’s being served each day on the Kitchenette website.

Perhaps the Pirate Cat Radio Café needs to serve Kitchenette’s maple bacon snickerdoodles alongside its maple bacon latte, which hounds report was sampled by Anthony Bourdain during his recent filming stint in SF.

Kitchenette [Dogpatch]
958 Illinois Street, San Francisco
No phone available

Pirate Cat Radio Café [Mission]
2781 21st Street, San Francisco

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