Tlaquepaque is a sit-down Mexican restaurant offering both taqueria fare and platillos. Their carnitas are glorious, says Alice Patis–little shreds of very juicy meat, a bit of fat, and quite a few dark brown crunchy bits. Order a carnitas burrito and you’ll get a piping hot, steamed tortilla encasing tender whole pinto beans, those beautiful carnitas, and pico de gallo. The ratios of meat and bean are spot-on; it is a perfect burrito.

Carne asada is flame-grilled on the spot. The beef is well flavored, but gristle-free–so it might be dry for some tastes. Mel’s favorite is their chicken tostada. Salsa is great, too–spicy, with a hit of cilantro bouquet. Ask for extra fresh chunky salsa with your chips.

Tlaquepaque #1 is excellent, and always packed. But you can skip the crowds by heading over to the equally excellent Tlaquepaque #3.

Taqueria Tlaquepaque 1 [South Bay]
2222 Lincoln Ave., near Curtner, San Jose

Taqueria Tlaquepaque 2 [South Bay]
721 Willow St., San Jose

Taqueria Tlaquepaque 3 [South Bay]
699 Curtner Ave., San Jose

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