swamp loves radishes and eats them as a snack. “I hate the fact that most grocery stores only carry the common red radish,” says swamp. But a particularly well-stocked produce department, or a farmers’ market, will sometimes carry varieties like icicle, plum purple, and French breakfast radishes. “I’m a great fan of French breakfast which is more peppery than the common globe-shaped ones,” says Harters. Bigley9 likes a variety called the watermelon radish, which is “slightly smaller than a tennis ball, light green on the outside, and when you slice it, it looks just like a slice of watermelon … Crisp and peppery!”

luckyfatima enjoys fresh daikon radishes in the winter when they’re sweet; they’re also delicious cooked with their own greens. “It is a disappointing grocery shopping trip for me if I don’t get a lovely radish at the market,” she says. Raw radishes are tasty plain, or with a little butter and salt. Cooked radishes like the same accompaniments. “Sautéed radishes with a little butter, salt and pepper is wonderful, maybe a little dill or parsley,” says kchurchill5. “Sometimes I add a shallot, too. It is so different and great.”

mamaciita reports the ultimate radish victory. “Yesterday I made a big platter of sliced radishes on toasted baguette slices with herb butter and salt,” she says. “My seven-year-old asked for some in her lunch today.”

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