wileen, whose love affair with frozen yogurt began long ago at hound hangout Forty Carrots, is old school at heart. She’s allergic to the trendy fro-yo spots that have colonized the city in recent years. “Pinkberry stinks,” she sniffs, and she has nothing good to say about Red Mango, Berrywild, or their ilk, either.

But a no-frills shop called Crazy Bananas, barely a block from Pinkberry and Red Mango outlets, has turned her head. The plain fro-yo is wileen’s favorite, but there are also pomegranate, berry, and rose hips options. “Crazy Bananas tastes like real yogurt,” she adds, “just frozen with a hint of sweetness. All natural.”

Crazy Bananas [Koreatown]
315 Fifth Avenue (at 32nd Street), Manhattan

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