I have been happily eating Brown Cow yogurt for years now, and thinking that, beyond how good it tastes, it’s a fairly responsible choice. But I was astonished to see that GoodGuide rated Yoplait and Dannon yogurts above Brown Cow.

Packaged foods are a new category on the rating site, which scores products on their potential health hazards, as well as a company’s environmental performance and social impact. For the new food items, GoodGuide offers some additional nutritional analysis. The site seems to draw its data from reliable sources, and could be helpful in guiding choices in the supermarket aisle.

Though in some ways it might drive me out of the grocery store entirely: The breakdown of info on Brown Cow revealed that the brand is manufactured by Stonyfield Farm (whose yogurt got the top rating), which is owned by Groupe Danone (or mostly owned anyway), maker of Dannon yogurt. Maybe I’ll just start making my own.

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