rep123max wonders why there are always long lines at Modern Pastry, a North End bakery that belies its name by specializing in old-school Italian treats like cannoli. Every time I go to the North End, I tell myself to get something from Modern, but I instinctively go to Mike’s.” Avoid both, says RichardinJP: “Both Modern and Mike’s lack authenticity and are there for the tourists not the folks who appreciate real Italian bakeries.”

chicken pot pie has hated everything at Modern: “There is nothing worth getting at Modern aside from cannolis,” says chicken pot pie, who has tried the chocolate mousse cake, cheesecake, and strawberry shortcake. StriperGuy strongly disagrees, advising chicken that anything American is to be avoided at Modern. “Do yourself a favor and try something ITALIAN at the ITALIAN bakery,” he snaps.

So what does one try? Various hounds call out their favorites:

• florentines
• almond macaroons
• torrone
• zeppole di San Giuseppe, a deep-fried, filled doughnut topped with cherries and/or cherry jam that’s made only around St. Joseph’s Day (March 19)
• ricotta pie, particularly the Easter season version made with wheat berries
• pine nut cookies (amaretti con pignoli)
• chocolate truffle bars
• the small, round lemon cookies packaged in clear bags in front of the store

But most everyone agrees that the lines at Modern are terrible, and the setup makes things move more slowly. “Once you can finally see what they have, you can’t tell what it is. So you have to wait until your turn to figure out what everything is and then decide,” sighs rep123max. Be a better line-waiter: Have your order ready when you step up. The people behind will thank you.

Modern Pastry [North End]
257 Hanover Street, Boston

Mike’s Pastry [North End]
300 Hanover Street, Boston

Board Link: Modern Pastry

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