The Atlantic, the monthly magazine known for its erudite political and cultural commentary, has launched a new Food Channel. The site features words, photos, and videos from such luminaries as the Zagats, Marion Nestle, and Chef Grant Achatz. What they’ve written looks quite bloggy, joining Atlantic food writer Corby Kummer’s blog, Corby’s Fresh Feeds.

Other content is longer and quite beautifully written, as befits the print magazine, one of the last few bastions of long-form journalism. For instance, this excerpt from the article “Dining in DC with Larry David”:

“The chestnut soup sounded wonderful. But when Mr. David was told it came with small marshmallows, his hands waved around ordering them away. But the homemade, small, square marshmallows slowly melted into the soup. Their slightly tangy flavor balanced the sweetness of the creamy chestnut soup. After the rest of us ‘oohed and ahhed,’ Larry motioned to the waiter to bring back his marshmallows.”

Nice, eh? How about this paragraph culled from “Starting a Traditional Turkey Flock,” a short, lovely behind-the-scenes look at a poultry farm by the Nimans.

“When we decided last spring to start raising turkeys here, we knew we wanted hearty, old breeds and the best lineages available. In our view, this meant that there was only one place to go: Lindsborg, Kansas, to the farm of Frank Reese. As a young man, Frank had befriended some of the nation’s best turkey breeders and, at a certain point, committed himself to maintaining the superior poultry lines they had long labored to preserve. In a rented car, we placed 225 newly hatched baby turkeys (called ‘poults’) on the back seat and raced toward California. We took turns driving and headed west through five states with only brief stops for food and bathroom breaks.”

Well, Atlantic, pretty cool addition to the food webscape, thanks.

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