There are a lot of reasons to love Jamaica’s Flavor in Lynn, says Matt H. Pea soup is fresh, with a perfect spicy/salty balance; house-made carrot juice is perfectly sweet, while house-made ginger beer has a pungent spicy bite. But the thing that made Matt break out the capital letters was the cow foot: “This dish took me back to my childhood the moment I took my first bite. Fatty, Gelatinous and Oozing with Marrow is the exact way this dish should be prepared and they nailed it on the head.”

The West Indian thyme was right on, and the salt level was perfect: “I have not had a Cow Foot preparation this good since eating it in Jamaica, no restaurant has done it the same justice in NYC, Miami, Toronto, anywhere,” says Matt. The oxtail was a little bland—the rice and peas could have used more coconut milk and peppers. But that cow foot, it’s right on.

Jamaica’s Flavor [North Shore]
121 Pleasant Street, Lynn

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