If you need to pick up cookies for a large party, order alfajores from the Chilean catering company Sabores Del Sur, says pane. Its alfajores—shortbread sandwiched around a generous amount of dulce de leche—are “beautiful, and maybe the most delicious cookies” pane has ever had. pilinut describes their effect as being “like the ad with the dog whose answer to every question is ‘bacon!’ Except that my answer to every question with the word ‘cookie’ is alfajor (Sabores del Sur’s—not just any alfajor).”

Fancy preserve maker cmbsweets also does milk-and-cookies catering says iheartfruit, even though its website makes no mention of it. It does a good chocolate chip and PB&J cookie, has a 24-hour turnaround time, and delivers.

kauz says the oatmeal drop cookies at Draeger’s are not too sweet and have “subtle but tasty citrus zest” in them. ceekskat likes the Russian tea-style cookies made with crushed pecans and coated in powdered sugar: “These just crumble in your mouth.”

Emporio Rulli makes a great assortment of little Italian cookies says Bob Copeland, probably 30 different varieties, which make for a great presentation. They are bite-size and colorful and were a hit at a party.

In Menlo Park, Martha’s Pastries make scookies in various sizes and gives attentive help on the phone, plus they take special orders, says anyhow. Bakesale Betty in Oakland makes big and chunky oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip cookies, but you’ll need to order in advance says lucymom. The ginger cookies there are soft and wonderful, says Bob Copeland.

Sabores Del Sur [East Bay]
712 Bancroft Road, Suite 236, Walnut Creek

cmbsweets [Outer Mission/Glen Park]
9 Castle Manor #2, San Francisco

Draeger’s [Peninsula]
222 E. Fourth Avenue, San Mateo

Emporio Rulli [Marina]
2300 Chestnut Street, San Francisco

Martha’s Pastries [Peninsula]
325 Sharon Park Drive # 12, Menlo Park

Bakesale Betty [East Bay]
5098 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

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