If you believe most meals are improved by bacon, bacon jam might be the condiment you’ve been waiting for. Bacon is cooked with aromatics, flavorful liquids, spices, and some sugar until jammy and thick, making a savory mixture that can enhance many foods.

A lot of recipes include coffee, and hounds say that the finished product does not taste of coffee. This version adds chipotles and chocolate, for a Mexican spin. It’s “spicy, smoky, and bacony,” says biondanonima. lauraloo76 is happy with this slow-cooker bacon jam.

HillJ uses a slow cooker to make a bourbon bacon jam similar to this recipe, but omits the coffee and increases the apple cider vinegar. isadorasmama makes a simpler version based on a Mark Bittman recipe: Cook thinly sliced red onions and bacon in olive oil until the onions are soft. Add a bit of bourbon and brown sugar to taste, and cook until thickened. “It was unreal,” says isadorasmama. “Really REALLY rich, but sooooooooooooo good.”

Once you’ve made bacon jam, how best to use it? Hounds are plenty creative. “I especially love a grilled peanut butter and bacon jam sandwich,” says Krislady. “I enjoy adding it to a cheese plate, in salad dressing, on eggs, even in pancake batter,” says HillJ. chez cherie thinks it’s great on mashed potatoes, in gratins, and with roasted Brussels sprouts.

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