Calabaza is the Spanish term for “gourd” or “pumpkin,” but there is also a specific variety of winter squash called calabaza. It is often sold precut, because it is very hard, and is easiest to find in Latin American markets.

coll discovered it by happy accident. “I thought it was butternut squash when I saw it, and subsequently figured it must be similar; so roasted in olive oil, with some cinnamon, cumin, salt, and pepper,” she says. “Wow! Maybe I just hit it lucky, but it cooked up like custard, I couldn’t believe the texture was so soft when I didn’t do anything special.” Other hounds agree, and say that its texture makes it ideal for pumpkin pie and custard, and for puddings and soufflés. As a bonus, the seeds, when rinsed and roasted with salt, have “kind of a popcorn texture!” says suzeqz.

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