In Guatemalan cuisine, says rworange, garnachas occupy the place of funnel cake and corn dogs in the United States. Cookbooks don’t tend to mention garnachas, but then, neither do carnival food recipes show up in American cookbooks, points out rworange.

Garnachas are tiny fried tortillas, topped with some kind of “mystery mix” that might involve pork, says rworange. “Ladle on some tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese. Serve with some sort of delicious yellow cabbage, escabeche, salt and the most amazing lemons that were deep orange inside and bright green outside … nope … not sour orange here … lemon.”

Garnachas are about the size of a Ritz cracker with toppings, says brucesw. They’re a little on the flavorless side without condiments, says rworange. “However, what really made this was the yellow cabbage, the color of saffron. I’ve never seen this. It was sort of sauerkraut texture, but fresh and a thicker cut.”

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