“I’ve always wanted to order a charcuterie plate but haven’t simply because of the fear that I would not know what to do with it when it came!” says LearningHow. Relax, says Sharoneonta: “Just get it to your mouth, by any means necessary.”

Etiquette varies with location. “Let’s just say that in France it would be an etiquette crime of major proportions to eat it other than with knife and fork,” says Harters. “Similarly, here in the UK, cutlery would be provided and it would never have crossed my mind to not use them.”

American manners tend to be a bit more relaxed. “This is what I usually do,” says joonjoon. “Pick up a slice of meat. Tear off a piece and put it in your mouth. Chew. Yum. Put rest of meat in mouth and repeat. More yum in mouth. Pick up a piece of pickle or whatever else came with your plate and also put in mouth via hand. Still yummy! Feeling adventurous now? Pull off a piece of bread, and put both meat and other fixins on said bread. Maybe there’s some condiment, pâté or cheese that needs to be spread using a knife. Use knife to apply said component. Insert whole thing into mouth using hand. Chew. Yum again!”

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