Chowhounds eat the bad burgers, so you don’t have to! Three recent burgers have made the hound cut; we’ll rank them from fanciest to casual-est (not a word, I know).

The first is the $21 behemoth at Back Bay Social Club, a delightful mélange of chuck, short rib, and sirloin “packed not too tightly and nicely seasoned,” says yumyum. The burger comes with smothered onions and sharp cheddar, on a white, floury roll that “held up well to the drippy juicy meat, all the way until the end,” says yumyum. The experience was “more like eating a very good steak than a burger.”

At $15, the 51 Lincoln burger (on the bar menu) is “a very good burger,” says Duster17. The meat is loosely packed and cooked to order, topped, like the Back Bay Social Club burger, with cheddar and onion. Duster says that the burger bun is just OK, but “the fries and pickle are good.”

The final burger on the roster is the cheapity-cheap $4-to-$7 variety at Tasty Burger. The restaurant abandoned their earlier, universally panned idea of offering a ground tenderloin burger, and now do a nicely ground chuck. yumyum says, “I like my burgers bloody so this wasn’t my ideal, but the meat was tasty and well seasoned and had that awesome craggy hand-packed texture.” gini braved the Blue Collar burger: two deep-fried patties smothered in “what’s essentially Rotel.” The onion rings are slender strings, good for soaking up the house-made barbecue sauce. Oh, and the veggie burger is house-made and vegan, as is the bun.

Back Bay Social Club [Back Bay]
867 Boylston Street, Boston

51 Lincoln [MetroWest]
51 Lincoln Road, Newton

Tasty Burger [Fenway]
5 Boylston Street, Boston

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Tasty Burger
51 Lincoln Burger

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