Wes Anderson’s 1998 film Rushmore is my favorite film of all time, which meant when, last fall in the Drinks Pavilion at the Slow Food Nation event, I spotted the actor Dipak Pallana who plays Mr. Adams in the opening scene, I screamed as though I were seeing a huge celebrity. Since I was tipsy and thrilled, I approached him and his lovely wife, Esperanza Pallana (who writes the blog Pluck and Feather about urban farming).

We talked about food, movies, and Dipak’s father, Kumar Pallana, also known for his role in Rushmore as Mr. LittleJeans, and as Pagoda in The Royal Tenenbaums. Then we talked about Kumar’s chai recipe and the potential for shooting a You’re Doing It All Wrong video segment about making chai tea.

Some time passed and the shoot never happened, but apparently Kumar was interested enough to try to create his own YDIAW. I’m disappointed that we never got to do it together, but honored that he tried to use our format, riffing in his own inimitable way. Again, this video was not made by CHOW staff, but it’s based on our You’re Doing It All Wrong series, as you’ll see:

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