World of Taste, the talk of Bronx hounds a couple of years ago (then called Phung Hung) for its pho and other Vietnamese chow, is back in the conversation.

“Holy crap that place is great,” raves bigjeff, a huge fan of its duck and bamboo soup. This is a bowl of cellophane noodles in broth, topped with big, meaty pieces of duck leg. Polecat says it packs “the most unadulterated duck flavor of anything I’ve tasted in NYC.” Even better, Polecat adds, is crab noodle soup. Note that either might be unavailable on any given day, so call ahead if you’re determined to try them.

Other smart orders include spring rolls, bun (rice noodles) with grilled pork, and Hue-style beef noodle soup, which is like “a deeper spicier pho,” loaded with meat, jeff says.

This restaurant has identity issues. Before it was World of Taste, it was Phung Hung. And now there’s a new awning that says Pho Mien Tay, though menus and business cards bear the old name. More important than the name are the kitchen, where the same grandmotherly lady still presides, and the engaging proprietor, who assures patrons that nothing’s changed. Bottom line, bigjeff says, is that it’s far better than the popular Vietnamese restaurants in Manhattan’s Chinatown. His advice to lovers of the cuisine: “get out of the Chinatown crap and try this place.”

World of Taste Seafood [Bronx]
2614 Jerome Avenue (at E. 193rd Street), Bronx

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