What was once Shu Feng Restaurant has transformed into Happy Eating Restaurant. Much of the staff is the same, and some dishes are the same, but the management is new, and the restaurant now apparently specializes in Sichuan and Wuhan food.

Pork dou pi is apparently a breakfast food, but PandanExpress had no problem snarfing one down for dinner. It’s a cross between a crêpe and fried rice. “A thin batter of soy is put on a hot, flat surface and cooked like a crepe,” explains PandanExpress. “Then a layer of egg is brushed on top, and then sticky rice is put over that, then salty chopped mushrooms, pork, shrimp, and some pickled vegetables. Then the whole pizza-like thing is flipped, the edges are tucked under, and you end up with a neat package of protein, carbs, and a tiny amount of vegetable.” Judgment: delicious.

Re gan mian is Wuhan’s version of dry noodles, explains JThur01. It’s got noodles, and a dressing made from sesame, peanut, and soy sauce. Also: salty pickled vegetables, which are a lot like a milder version of Sichuan dan dan mian. Mutton shashlik is a skewer of mutton that’s tender and perfectly spiced with aromatic cumin, and fried pumpkin cake is exactly as tasty as it sounds, says PandanExpress.

Happy Eating Restaurant [San Gabriel Valley]
140 W. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

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