Just as the people who work in the CHOW test kitchen wear many hats (writers, scientists, food stylists, prop stylists, and of course cooks) our kitchen, too, must adjust to our daily whims. Like a passive-aggressive mate, our workspace has to succumb to all the wishes of the family around it. On any given day, the kitchen is our library, prop storage room, photo studio, and often much more.

Today alone our poor kitchen has served as a recipe testing ground, the food team’s styling headquarters, a location for both a CHOW Tip video and Passover photo shoot, and a conference room. Add the lure of free food, and it’s clear that this is the most traversed room for all of CHOW.

But sometimes we forget to give a little love back to the kitchen that provides so much. When that happens, a busted sink or broken garbage disposal will be bestowed upon us, as a reminder that we need to appreciate and look after our workspace. So now, not unlike the old man in the ending of The Giving Tree, I’m taking a moment to sit in our ol’ kitchen and give it a well-earned rest.

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