foxspirit is interested in doing the low-carb thing but can’t find reduced-carb products in grocery stores. foxspirit wonders if they have to be ordered online and quails when considering the logistics of ordering cereals and bread for daily consumption.

There is indeed a low-carb store in the Boston area, reports almansa, and it’s My Low-Carb Life. GPage is a big fan: “Their prices are NOT for the faint of heart but I’ve found when you are searching for anything with a dietary restriction, no place is! The store carries a brand, Walden Farms, which is calorie/sugar/carb/gluten-free and I’ve been amazed at how good these taste. I have the pancake syrup and more than a few salad dressings in my fridge. I have to stick to a diabetic diet and Walden Farms items have given me some actually good-tasting products so not often available to a diabetic.”

GPage also recommends shopping at Trader Joe’s, which offers a few low-carb options. almansa chimes in with a recommendation for Joseph’s, a line of low-carb lavash, tortillas, and pita breads that are sold in supermarket deli sections.

My Low-Carb Life [Danvers]
136 Andover Street, Danvers

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