Your basic, no-frills baleada is a flour tortilla folded and filled with refried mashed beans, quesillo, and sour cream, explains pleasurepalate. You can also get baleadas with any number of fillings, from eggs to sausage to avocado.

The basic baleada is excellent at El Katracho, says pleasurepalate. “I enjoyed the thickness of the tortilla itself and I liked the earthiness of the beans mixed with the saltiness of the cheese and the slight sweetness of the sour cream.”

She also liked the shrimp and conch soup. The addictively sweet broth is made from coconut milk, and it’s full of shrimp, conch, chayote, and green plantains, which add a nice meatiness to the soup.

El Katracho Restaurant [San Fernando Valley – West]
14838 Burbank Boulevard, Sherman Oaks

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