I met Gretchen Holt Witt back when CHOW was a print magazine; before CNET bought CHOW and Chowhound. She was (still is) marketing director at OXO, and she helped us get behind the scenes there, when we shot the Perfect Mandoline video.

Gretchen is also the founder of an amazing nonprofit called Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Four years ago, her then-two-year-old son, Liam, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Through the course of his illness, she learned that pediatric cancer is one of the most underfunded of all cancer researches. That it is the number one disease that kills kids. And that there might be cures on the horizon, if only there were the funding to reach them. So she set out to get that funding, with the simple idea that bake sales, a lot of bake sales, could raise money for research. Cookies for Kids’ Cancer raised $1 million last year, through bake sales, donations, and selling cookies online.

Liam died earlier this week, and I can’t stop thinking about him. His goodness radiates from his photos, as does his mother’s love for him. CHOW has an amazing community of bakers, food-lovers, and cookie-eaters. If this is a cause that touches your heart, please consider hosting a bake sale for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Or consider sending their cookies to a friend. Or just donate to the cause. There couldn’t be a more worthy one.

Gretchen, Larry, and Ella, our hearts go out to you.

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